Welcome to Vegan MoFo 2011!

1 Oct

October 1st is special because it’s my husband’s birthday and it’s also the first day of the Vegan Month of Food.  This is my first year of participating in VeganMoFo!  This delectable and informative event is being created and celebrated by over 700 bloggers who have agreed to devote at least 20 blog entries through the month of October to anything and everything vegan. Last year was the first year I discovered VeganMoFo and was blown away by the variety of themes, recipes and knowledge shared.  I definitely recommend subscribing to the RSS Feed bundle of participating bloggers!  If however, 700 bloggers writing is too much information, pick and choose from the 2011 blogroll!

Here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it is a well-educated college town with several vegetarian and vegan restaurants.  I still feel a bit isolated and surrounded by omnivores although more folks are definitely being more mindful and trying to support local food growers. I hope that the benefits and pleasures of being vegan continue to come to light and inspire more to try it on.  My intention is to share what I’ve learned with anyone who is interested in leaning in that direction…..recipes and resources for better health, with compassion toward the animals and care for our planet.  Being vegan feeds me on so many different levels…..the food is so incredibly delicious (!) and cooking has become so very fun for me again. I love knowing that no animals have been harmed with what I eat and that I am walking on this earth with a smaller footprint.  My spirit is fed through all these paths of living more mindfully and in harmony with my peaceful nature.

Now, I’m off to dinner to celebrate with my husband and our friends.  We’re going to a place that I will have to make a special request for vegan fare, which I am getting very good at doing.  Happy Birthday, Jimbo, my mostly vegan, sometimes vegetarian, rarely omnivorous best friend and darling husband!

Let me know your thoughts about leaning into vegan, being vegan in Ann Arbor, Vegan MoFo or anything else!


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