Ann Arbor Vegan Restaurants

12 Oct

Ann Arbor is better than many small cities in its vegan offerings but I am hoping more of our talented chefs take on the challenge of adding delectable vegan food to their offerings.  And of course, you can always ask for modifications wherever you go!  If you are interested in checking out the vegan restaurant fare that Ann Arbor has to offer, here’s a short list.  Of course, the best vegan food is what we make at home!  But there are nights that going out and having someone else cook for you is delightful.

Please let me know any restaurants you know that should be added.

Jerusalem Garden-delicious falafel

Cafe Verde/People’s Food Co-op – check out the menu for the food bar for October

Pilar’s Tamales-Try the vegan eggplant tamales!

Seva – yam fries, Thai salad, spinach salad and on and on….


The Lunch Room – barbecued Tofu Sandwich, Aloo Yoop Stew, molasses cookies, EVERYTHING!

Jazzy Veggie-vegan crab cakes (I’ve yet to try anything else)

Chia Shiang-Soybean skinrolls with broccoli

Hut-k Chaat – It’s all a “party in my mouth”!

Blue Nile– Vegetarian Feast (I believe it’s all vegan)


One Response to “Ann Arbor Vegan Restaurants”

  1. vegansunshine October 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    Love this blog! I am from the Flint area and I love Ann Arbor! Though I’ve only been there twice. Can’t wait to hear about new vegan places to eat!


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