“I Don’t Want to Know”

15 Oct

What does it mean when someone says “I don’t want to know” when it comes to being aware of where their meat comes from?  Does it mean “I don’t want to think about it because if I did meat might not taste so good to me anymore”?  Perhaps it means “I don’t want to have the visual of the reality of where my meat comes from in my head because it may ruin my enjoyable experience of eating it”.  In any case, I think it may mean “I don’t want to know because I think it may be horrifying and I don’t want to have uncomfortable feelings about what I’m doing”. I’m sure there are other possibilities also.  After all, many people don’t want to know the truth about other choices they’re making either.

As a Life Coach, my clients come to me with a desire to make positive changes in some aspect of their lives.  As they define what keeps them stuck, one of the questions I ask  is “What are you not facing about this issue?”  Choosing to turn towards and face the whole truth about whatever the issue is invites them to open their heart and mind to know all the relevant information and fully own it.  It allows them to fully see that they can know the whole truth in this moment and that they are strong and solid enough to know the truth.  And then they get to make a choice about what they want to do with their knowing.

It’s the same thing with choosing what you eat also.  Conscious living includes conscious eating and can only be done with an openness and willingness to know the whole truth about where your food comes from.


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