Broccoli and Gardein Beefless Tips Stir Fry

16 Oct

Vegan MoFo Post number 8!  I had just a little bit of time to throw a meal together and wanted to clean my refrigerator by using up everything in there.  I looked in my fridge and found fresh broccoli from the Farmer’s Market and fresh button mushrooms.  I found Gardein Beefless Tips in my freezer.  Perfect.  I got out my wok and made a delicious stir fry.  I also made some whole wheat couscous as I didn’t have time to cook brown rice and didn’t feel like quinoa, which is also relatively quick cooking.

I don’t know if you’ve tried any of the Gardein products but they are fantastic.  Their meatless burger is the best vegan burger I’ve had, except when I’m in the mood for a homemade bean burger!  These Beefless tips just needed a bit of browning before throwing together with the stir fry.  I used very little oil, some no chicken broth, some soy sauce, some hoisin sauce, garlic and crushed red pepper.  Deelicious!

Give Gardein a try!


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