Eating Vegan in Tampa

20 Oct

Jim and I are here visiting family and last night we went to the Cinebistro. What a cool idea this is! Big comfortable seats to lounge in while dining, drinking and watching a feature film!
It was very fun!
My sister-in-law had sent the menu to us ahead of time for approval since she and her husband are omnivores. There were some salad possibilities sans cheese but instead I thought I’d write the restaurant and ask them if they could suggest any vegan options on their menu. Chef Jason responded quite quickly saying although they didn’t have anything vegan on their menu, he’d be happy to make me something if I would tell him what I like. I was so appreciative of his willingness to accommodate me. I told him I love everything except okra. He created a vine ripened tomato stuffed with roasted veggies and quinoa with a portabello mushroom sauce. It was so delicious!!!! Unfortunately, the lights were already out for the movie to begin so I didn’t get a picture!
Trust me it was good. And so was Argo, the movie we saw!

Try calling or writing ahead next time you’re going to a restaurant without obvious vegan options. The chef is usually happy to let his creativity flow and make you something.


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