Vegan Travel-Lake George and Saratoga Springs, NY

1 Sep


I’m on the road as I write my first post for Vegan MoFo 2013. We are heading back to Michigan after a week in Bolton Landing on the western shores of Lake George, NY. Wow, Lake George is stunning! Forty-four miles long and surrounded by the Adirondack Hills, oh my!
It was challenging in this area to find vegan options eating out at restaurants. Some places had the standard portobello mushroom or black bean burger or you could get the typical pasta with marinara sauce but after one meal, how boring! We ended up making several of our own meals and always had breakfast at home.
As someone who loves to travel I have become quite adept at making things work wherever I am….so if I’m going to a restaurant I call ahead and talk with them about options and let them know to expect me. If I don’t do that, I just kindly make requests for changes or adjustments of the menu. I have found most restaurants to be gracious and accommodating and I hear frequently from them that they get requests for vegan options more and more. YIPPEE! That means we’re making headway!

Nevertheless, here are some highlights:

1. Our 4 hour boat tour of Lake George on the Mohican! The captain provides great historical information and the bartender makes amazing Bloody Mary’s. No vegan food available, we brought our own fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It’s so soothing to be on the most gorgeous of lakes! Highly recommend this tour!
2. Sitting outside on the deck at The Sagamore Resort. There is no view better than this in Lake George! I could have sat there forever soaking up the view. There is nothing vegan on the menu but we ordered the veggie flatbread without the cheese. It was delicious! Drinks and snacks and the most incredible view! Highly recommended!
3. Vegan options at Skidmore College-Saratoga Springs-we moved our daughter in on Wednesday and in the last few days already the chefs have introduced themselves, know she’s vegan and have told her they can make anything she wants. The food selection in the cafeteria already includes a vegan/vegetarian section called Emily’s Garden.
4. Four Seasons Natural Foods Store-place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Small cafe attached to a small grocery store. Everything at the cafe is vegan and delicious!


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